What is a Sound System ?

This English term means “portable sound” or “mobile disco”, that can be transported everywhere and is installed in the street. It consists of large speakers, a turntable and a preamplifier. All this allows you to listen to music in the street, like a radio, and share a message of unity and bring people together for a moment of pleasure and sharing. With its mobile nightclubs in Jamaica, the street has become a dancefloor and has given rise to musical trends such as rocksteady and reggae.

Building The Sound System

World Wild Sound

– 4 x Scoops Bass Box (2800W)
– 4 x Mid Box (1800W)
– 2 x Top Box (120W + 200W)
– 3-way Preamp JahTubby
– 4-way Preamp JB Hi-Fi
– 2 x Turntable Technics SL1200 MkII
– Amplifier Lab Gruppen 9000W
– Amplifier Crown 2400W

– Delay Boss DE200
– Multi-Effect TC Audio M300
– Siren FX RDH Audio
– Siren DubSonic
– Siren Irad
– Audio Pad and Sinar  
– Micro Sure SM58
– Cables and Hardware